Knaté is breaking into the music industry with a soulful sound and an encouraging message.  She fell in love with music and began cultivating her gift at an early age.

"Since I was a little girl, my biggest dream was to share my gift of music with the world.   Because this dream seemed impossible,  I ignored it and let it die.  For years, I was living beneath my potential, and I didn’t realize that there was a reason that God placed this desire in me.  As I matured in  Christ and recognized my calling in him, my greatest desire has been resurrected, and I am motivated more than ever to live out this dream while bringing glory to God",
said Knaté during a recent interview.

She began recording in 2012, and released two singles: "Have My All" and "I Know What I Want".  Her debut album "How It Feels To Be Saved" is packed with songs of reflection, encouragement and empowerment with a goal of encouraging listeners to develop an intimate personal relationship with the LORD. 

Knaté is a servant determined to do the will of God in life, and in her music career.  Whether singing or preaching the gospel, she gives her all to attracting others to Jesus Christ.
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